Getting inside the Great Firewall of China

Dear community,

Normally it is the Chinese that want to access the internet from outside their borders. I try to do the opposite. I want to get in.

I want to visit a website but I get the following error: Access not available for your IP. I tried different circuits but it seems like I need a Chinese IP.

I searched this forum but couldn’t find a satisfying answer. I asked Copilot and it told me to add these lines to my torrc file:

ExitNodes {cn}
StrictNodes 1

That is what I did. But now I am stuck at Establishing a Connection.

Does somebody know if I did something wrong? And what can I do to resolve this issue?

Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.

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There are no working Tor Nodes in China (CN), so no configuration via EntryNodes, MiddleNodes and ExitNodes will work.

StrictNodes does not apply to the ExitNodes and MiddleNodes options, so this option will have no effect.

You can try Hong Kong, Taiwan or other Asia regions near China:

ExitNodes {hk}, {tw}


Hong Kong worked, you are the best!


AFAIK, HK is not behind the GFW.

Last year I answered a similar request:


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