Future proof against quantum decryption?

How will people prevent the TOR protocol from being cracked and translated once quantum decryption becomes more possible? Google have already begun adding protection into Chrome, what about TBB?

Have the Tor devs looked into this?

Introduction: Tor is a strong candidate for an early transition to quantum -safe primitives; users of Tor may be jus­tifiably concerned about adversaries who record traffic in the present and store it for decryption when technology or cryptanalytic techniques improve in the future


Hi, I would like to ask how Tor Project will protect its users against the use of quantum computers in the next few years? I’ve heard the plan is to just wait until TLS implements some kind of post quantum encryption but that in my view is a very weak action and basically not far from no action at all. Its good that it will be picked up once available but what about between now and then? I watched an episode of ‘Soft white underbelly’ on YouTube where they interview a hacker who became a millionaire due to bitcoin mining and he also states that the biggest forthcoming threat to security will be quantum decryption. (Hacker interview-Gummo - YouTube) It actually makes me feel a bit ill to think of all the good willed people who securely submitted information years ago, they will be snatched from their families and jailed or killed dependant upon what they stole, who they are, and how many people will kick up a fuss. What are we going to do? Sitting and waiting is nothing.

Here are some academic articles about quantum proofing Tor.

“Post quantum secure onion routing by NIST Computer Security Resource Center”
https://csrc.nist.gov/csrc/media/events/workshop-on-cybersecurity-in-a-post-quantum-world/documents/papers/session3-kate-paper.pdf (downloads pdf)

“Post quantum forward secure onion routing by International Association of Cryptographic Research”
https://eprint.iacr.org/2015/008.pdf (downloads pdf)

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“Quantum Safe TOR by University of Twente”
https://essay.utwente.nl/79710/1/tujner_MA_eemcs.pdf (downloads pdf)

“A quantum safe circuit handshake for TOR by NIST Computer Security Resource Center”
https://csrc.nist.gov/csrc/media/events/workshop-on-cybersecurity-in-a-post-quantum-world/documents/papers/session3-zhang-paper.pdf (downloads pdf)

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