Freetube and yt-dlp through tor

I want to be able to use tor browser to help me proxy Freetube for youtube videos (see Tor | FreeTube Docs). I also want to be able to use yt-dlp to download the videos over the tor network (see Trying to download certain Youtube videos through tor produces "Video not available" error in some cases. Might this be addressed from the yt-dlp side? · Issue #7110 · yt-dlp/yt-dlp · GitHub and

Both of these programs work. As long as I have the tor browser open, I can proxy Freetube through tor browser to get information from youtube. And I can download videos from youtube by using yt-dlp --proxy socks5://localhost:9150 URL . However, I do not know if either of those programs are leaking dns requests to my isp / dns provider. I know that that the tor browser is not supposed to leak those, and I am proxying both of these programs by having the tor browser open and running. But I do not know if I am getting the same protection if I use either program proxied through tor browser.

I would prefer not to use tails or whonix, since I want to be able to watch and store the videos on the host machine, rather than confine them to some sort of virtual machine. Given this, how do I test whether or not either program is leaking dns requests or if the programs are working properly to keep my activity private? Is there a way for me to test this at all? And if the problem is happening, how would I fix it?


Also, my understanding is that unless you are trying to use tor as a proxy or using tails/whonix, tor browser is only forwarding traffic through the tor browser into the tor network. Would it be feasible to create a linux terminal application that would forward traffic through the tor network? That way, we can use these terminal applications over tor, even if we are not using tails or the command line program does not have any proxy options.