First new tab opened in Tor Browser always states "Something Went Wrong"

When I launch Tor browser, after it finishes connecting to the Tor Network, the first new tab I open always shows up red and states “Something Went Wrong.” Reloading the new tab page fixes this issue. This error only occurs in the first new tab I open after connecting, even if I open multiple tabs in rapid succession. This issue is present in the latest version of Tor Browser as well as the latest version of Tor Browser Alpha. Below is a screenshot of the error in Tor Browser Alpha. The error page is the same in the production version of Tor Browser, just without the “Tor Browser Alpha is an unstable version of Tor Browser you can use to preview new features, test their performance and provide feedback before release.” message.

Yes. I have seen this error the same way as yours, on macOS with latest Tor Browser stable version. Not serious problem though.