FF 120.0b6 “Copy Link Without Site Tracking” feature

Hello, just a question, an idea if can be emplemented, looks great:

Firefox 120.0b6 supports a new “Copy Link Without Site Trackingfeature in the context menu which ensures that copied links no longer contain tracking information.


so the pref privacy.query_stripping.strip_on_share.enabled = true in TB, but false in Firefox ESR115. However, fixes and patches have happened since 115, which is why it wasn’t rolled out to all channels until 120 for Firefox users. TB doesn’t have a context menu to copy a sanitized link


Perfect explanation, thanks :+1:

just to be clear - I’m not sure why we flipped that pref, or what benefit it holds

@PieroV might know

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Tor/Mullvad Browser already adds a “Copy Clean Link” option to the context menu if the link contains a parameter from the internal stripping list or from privacy.query_stripping.strip_list

seems legit :slight_smile: - test page: Test cases for brave/brave-browser#4239

It was flipped by cypherpunks1, who already replied :smile:.
The merge request was tor-browser!683.