Feature SocksPort using interprocess

is possible use browser or other application with unix: instead ? i was looking into manual and seems some browsers as firefox doenst accept interprocess stuff.

It’s only possible to use named pipes for SocksPort. The only interface we have where you pass a file descriptor downwards to the Tor process is for the Control Port connection via __OwningControllerFD.

Arti’s design solves this issue by exposing a “socket” like API directly to developers, thus eliminating the need for integrators to use SocksPort to reach Tor in their applications. Arti of course also supports a Socks port for people who need that though.

i know there is configuration to isolate local network , by now i would like to know if we have some workaround to set some applications usually uses to unix:/path_To_file.socks

SocksPort 9050
SocksPort unix:/var_path.socks

There is, and it’s documented in Tor’s manual as well. SocksPort unix:/path/to/named/pipe should work.

I didn’t mention anything related to isolation here though.

using normal config sometimes appear “trying connect port 0 Refusing” So i just decide ask to be sure.