Exit Relay suddenly unrecognized from the network

Hello everyone,

I’ve recently started running this exit relay with no particular issues.
Last night it crashed so I restarted it and went to sleep. The next morning it still appeared offline, but the service was running just fine; so I looked into it using nyx and to my surprise it had been pulling just a few KB/s and lost every flag it had. The weird part is the fingerprint, IP, ports and name shown have stayed the same…
Any idea what’s been causing this and how to fix it?

EDIT: I found out what caused the relay to stop being advertised on the network: IPv6 not working anymore.
Still unsure if the reboot is to blame (it was the machine’s first ever reboot so maybe some network config hasn’t persisted) or the entire DC’s IPv6 connectivity dropped.
To sum up, disabling IPv6 relaying solved the issue, but I don’t really understand the need to completely reject a working IPv4 node if it advertises an unreachable IPv6 address; it feels like an avoidable pressure point.