Exit relay - increase conections?

Olla, how is possible to increase server connections (ubuntu latest)

i also did ulimit -n 100000

netstat -np | grep “tor”|wc -l
giving me only about 4300 connections (vnstat reporting about 0,5TB daily traffic and that´s nothing considering i have 1Gbit port full speed)

Denied is only port 25, all other open

I don’t think you need to change anything in Ubuntu.

Has the exit been active for long? Do you have a high advertised bandwidth? Is the switch/router/firewall able to handle more connections?

Also remember that you can run two instances of tor per IP, so running a second one can help to get some additional traffic as well.

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Hi @cipher, you might find these instructions helpful to achieve your objective,

Also, please note the configuration suggested by the author to ensure the setting persists beyond reboot.