Exit policy not working properly?


I’m having a very weird issue. I updated my exit policies for all servers, to also exclude some additional smtp ports for spam reduction. You can see it correctly in the exit policy + the IPv6 exit policy summary → but the IPv4 exit policy summary is still showing the old policy.

Am I doing something wrong here? Or is this a known bug?

For reference; Relay Search

I don’t see an obvious error, what is supposed to be the new policy? (or did the problem fix itself since then?)

It seems to be fixed now for the server I linked initially. It’s still happening for e.g.; Relay Search. There are some odd StaleDesc flags as well, which I never have any problems with normally.

The servers that have these problems, have no odd log entries or other issues. The descriptor is published according to the logs, the server is reachable as well.

StaleDesc means the directory authorities haven’t received a descriptor in some time, and ask the relay to upload a new one. When it appears, the relay should automatically do the right thing, and the flag should disappear after an hour or two.

And for the main problem at hands, I’m not sure what’s happening. That’s probably a bug somewhere in metrics.tpo.

it seems like StaleDesc is gone, and the IPv4 Exit Policy Summary has been updated. There is probably some kind of cache somewhere that isn’t evicted the way it should, or idk what. If people wants to dig into it, the issue is likely somewhere in onionoo.

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