Entry, Relay and Exit nodes

When someone set up an Entry, Relay and Exit nodes, then can he\she eavesdrop on the traffic between these nodes?

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First of all, traffic between nodes is encrypted.

  1. Owner of Exit node can see what data is transmitted between user and destination website, but can’t know who exactly made connection. Because owner of Exit node can see data, it is better for users to use encrypted protocols like https.
  2. Owner of Guard (Entry) node can see who is transmitting data, when and in which amounts, but can’t know what destination is and what contents of transmitted data are.

Thank you so much for your reply.
1- How about the relays?

2- Traffic can’t be decrypted?

Middle relay have the least amount of information, it knows only about time and amounts, but don’t know where is the source and where is destination.

From what I know, user → website traffic can be decrypted only by Exit node, website → user traffic is encrypted by Exit node and can be decrypted only by user.
If data have additional encryption (https), then only user and website can decrypt it.

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