Enable GitHub login and other platforms

It’s possible to enable GitHub, Twitter, Discord, Facebook, and Google oauth2 logins in Discourse.

It requires some configuration on these platforms, for example, how to configure on GitHub.

I will go ahead and enable GitHub logins. Let me know if I should enable other platforms and I will take a look.


I would enable Github, Twitter and Discord as I think we may have some people coming from there.

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:white_check_mark: GitHub
:white_check_mark: Discord

Ugh, I was checking how to enable Twitter integration, but it will request these permissions:


We could request a Twitter API, and use the Tor Project Forum’s own application with the correct permissions: Getting Started with Our Platform | Docs | Twitter Developer Platform

Also, we could allow login with Tor’s Gitlab credentials (https://gitlab.torproject.org/), I think this would make it easier so people don’t have to save more than one login for the project. What do you think?

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In general I am not in favour of logins to other platforms. I prefer a dedicated login to each platform, though it might be a little extra work.
The big advantage is that if one platform is compromised, it does not affect your other platforms.

As we’re using Discourse hosting, we can’t install new plugins right now. But yes, I think it’s a good idea for when we selfhost the Forum!


I think it is important to have our own hosting for the forum, including collaborative hosting, so that everyone can contribute plugins and provide code suggestions. I think this makes the development of the forum alive!

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Users who log in through other services can use their email to log in if the service they use is down. In this case they will simply have to reset their password and log in with their email address and new password.

Yep, but that won’t happen before the end of this year, as Tor Project SysAmin Team is working on the blog retirement and other stuff.

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Not so much interested in a bypass to follow an undesirable circumferential route to a website.
I like to have my finger print in the internet as small as possible: so do not leave your traces of visiting one website in the hands of other websites.