Downloading files with tor browser

Please teach me how to download files from Tor safely, otherwise Tor will be of no use to me because I use it to download books and a member said downloading is risky.

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It depends on your threat model and where are you downloading those books from.

Is it an academic book? Research papers? If you are downloading them from their official websites then the risk is low.

If you download anything from any website which doesn’t own the copyright or permission to distribute then make sure to check its metadata, have it checked by an antivirus (better if by multiple engines, such as virustotal, if the file is too big then at least check its HASH).

If you still can’t make sure it’s safe to open, you can try doing it on AnyRun and see if anything fishy goes on.

The best thing you can do is to have common sense. Use isolated VMs.


If I give you the name of the book, would you look for it for me?

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