DONE setup Tor middle Relay ON KALI LINUX



:grimacing: idk why this hppen

if i set , CookieAuthentication 1 like this happen

celebtare to early,not done yet i think

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Hi parkOS, Happy New Year to you!

I also am running a Kali Linux and learning to install a tor relay. I am wondering if you got your working, and are you able to use nyx?

I was having a few errors that you might have had, and wondering if you could help please? I am a bit lost on the configuration needed in the torrc file? And the repos for Kali, I am getting errors saying they don’t exist! And it won’t recognise the tor.list. - says the file is not recognised!

This is a little project for me, so any help would be great, as I have everything installed. Thanks.


hai great day, now im busy outside work, later we will keepITouch