Does Tor Browser for Android has ‘Extract canvas data’ permission?


I want to allow extracting canvas data for one site which does work correctly without it. In the desktop version of Tor Browser it is possible via permission ‘Extract canvas data’ from the permission menu. However, the Android version of the browser does not list this permission.

I have found ‘site_permissions_database’ file which stores the permissions (on Android) but the relevant table does not have a column related to canvas, only those:


Is it possible to allow sites to extract canvas data in any way (excluding modifying the source code) on Android version? Maybe some hidden about:config option, or something? I want to enable this only on one site but will settle on a global switch if the former is not possible.

(Why does the Android version differ from the desktop one in this regard? Are they based on a different versions of Firefox or is there a different reason?)