Does anyone here use the "Onion Live" Addon? I need help with this issue


I couldn’t find a forum or related articles also the gives me the finger with a 502 "Bad Gateway so I decided to come here, which seems like a smart thing to do anyway.
I have this following issue:
In the Onion Live “Settings” I receive a message in large bold “Error: Error: Please set to “True” in about.config”
There are 2 options in this window:

  1. Check if site is alive every: (Choose Seconds)
  2. Enable real time protection: (Tick Box is un-checked)
    If changed, neither of these settings remain set after exiting the Onion Live window, I assume this is related to the above issue.

I’m unsure where the “about.config” file is located, I did a system search and found a JavaScript (.js) only I couldn’t locate a line within that resembled " to “True”

I’d be grateful if you might point me to a possible solution,

Thank you for your time,

  • W11 64, Home Edition
  • Tor 12.5.2 (based on Mozilla Firefox 102.14.0esr) (64-bit)
  • Tor Browser Security Level “Safer”

It is not a file and the spelling is incorrect. It refers to the Configuration Editor used in Firefox-based browsers. You can access it by typing about:config in the address bar.

I suggest being especially careful about changing settings in the Configuration Editor, as it may cause deanonymization.

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Thanks for you help,
I figured this one adjustment is worth it because the Add-on warns of illegitimate .onion mirrors and phishing etc, which is great for dumb asses like myself.

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