DNS Hosting Provider Suggestions

I want to move some of my domain names from my current GD host to another host. In particular I’d like one that allows me to connect with the Tor Browser.

Currently, logging into GoDaddy has lots of problems. For that and numerous other reasons, including price, I’d like to move. My payment needs are US based, i.e. credit card.

There used to be a page holding lists of DNS providers, and more, where companies were rated according to various levels of Tor-friendliness.

I’m sure it’s dated but I couldn’t find it. I didn’t go hunting over at Archive.org though.

Soon I’ll resort to going through old notes and see what’s out there now, but I thought I might as well ask here too. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help and also honesty in disclosing any conflicts-of-interst.

I would give money for ISPs that support the Tor Project’s mission, but, at the moment, I don’t remember any specific US hosting company.
Here’s a list of Good and Bad ISPs: Tor Project | Good Bad ISPs
This list was built by the relay operator community. So, if you find outdated info, please submit a Merge Request. :slight_smile:

I currently host my tor-related domain lokodlare.com at njal.la. They are very much privacy focused and I have had zero issues so far.

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Yes, thank you Gus. I ended up there. :slight_smile: A good place to start. Now to extract it from the HTML.