Distrowatch.com : broken or just me?

For a number of days now, I haven’t been able to access Distrowatch.com, it shows the following:

HTTPS-Only Mode Alert
Secure Site Not Available

You’ve enabled HTTPS-Only Mode for enhanced security, and a HTTPS version of distrowatch.com is not available.

Learn More…
What could be causing this?

Most likely, the website simply does not support HTTPS.

It’s also possible that an attacker is involved. If you decide to visit the website, you should not enter any sensitive information like passwords, emails, or credit card details.

If you continue, HTTPS-Only Mode will be turned off temporarily for this site.

Can anyone else reach it via https? I’m wondering if it’s something on my side that’s the problem.

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I can access the website without any problem, both from TB and a regular browser.

Watch out for HTTPS, TLS downgrade attacks, done through MitM. You can learn more about them here:



I can also. Tor or not


I had problems with it several days/weeks ago as well. However, it appears to be working now.


Thank you capole for testing and replying and providing some helpful links! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you BobbyB and Zhk2stsf for reporting back to me with your results! I’m thankful for your input. :yum:

Since I will assume it is “up”, I will mark capole’s post as the solution to close this thread and also because the MiTM attacks are probably what’s being tried on my attempts to access the site.

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I have my browser set to use my Linode as a SOCKS5 forward proxy (not tor!), and distrowatch is one of the few sites that seem to have intermittent problems with it. The other major one is craigslist. A few other sites work but activate onerous capchas. I see two explanations: either there’s malicious traffic from my neighborhood (say, my /24) – which would not surprise me – or they just decided any access from a server is suspect and should be at best throttled, at worst blocked.



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Hi nobrowser, thank you for sharing! :sunny: I found it very helpful.

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