Discord Voice Chat and Tor

Are you tired of not having voice chat in discord while using tor well this is where I and whomever else has this issue work to solve it.

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Discord uses WebRTC for audio/video communication, which is disabled in Tor Browser.

how would you enable it

You don’t. WebRTC is non-existent in Tor Browser.

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Thus why I am trying to find a workaround

at the bottom of this page link there is apparently a way to do it I enabled this along with a couple of things regarding web rtc i want to know what you think
[Enabling WebRTC in Your Web Browser]

Something I could see being possible is an emulator for webrtc essentially something that routes webrtc through it then scrambles your ip address then connects to webrtc

I use text to speech AI as well which seems to glitch a lot while using Tor and also the voice chat option if being able to enable somehow would be such a benefit stg

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