Discord for browser crashing - Solved

Solved: Setting dom.webaudio.enabled to true in about:config fixes the issue.

I am having an issue with the browser version of Discord through Tor crashing. It doesn’t even initialize after logging in, just immediately gives me the “Discord crashed unexpectedly” message. I’ve tried reinstalling Tor and running a fresh install in a sandbox, no luck. I haven’t had this problem before and would appreciate any help.

Windows 10
Tor 12.0.4
Standard or Safer. As Safest won’t load at all.

This last showed up a year ago with the same exact fix but this time around it’s still a problem a month later.

I hate this god damn platform… I feel tempted to buy a VPS just to deal with the platform

Tor Browser needs to start feeding garbage data (or something null-like) for AudioContext objects (like it does with canvas data) so websites don’t break because of this setting being missing.