Disable TrustCor Root Certificates by Editing nssckbi.dll

[Remove TrustCor root certificates (#41506)]
But after I updated to 12.0.3, TrustCor is still active in certificate manager.
If you concern about TrustCor you can edit nssckbi.dll as a temporary solution.

  1. IMPORTANT: Back up nssckbi.dll before editing.
  2. Open [CA Certificates In Firefox], find TrustCor root certificates’ names in Root Certificate Names column.
  3. Close tor browser, open nssckbi.dll in a text editor.
  4. Replace the certificate’s name with another one, but you must use the same number of letters. For example, one of the TrustCor root certificates’ name is TrustCor ECA-1, you can replace it with XrustCor ECA-1.
  5. Do this to TrustCor root certificates’ other names as well.
  6. Check the result in Certificate Manger.
  7. IMPORTANT: Before updating tor browser you need to make sure the original nssckbi.dll is present in the installation direction but not the edited one.