Directory authority [IPv6] 2607:8500:154::3 unreachable!

IPv6 address of Tor Directory Auhority sever is unreacahable!

affected IP 2607:8500:154::3

I was installing a couple of exit relays and also implementing IPv6, so I used this command from the Tor documentation to test IPv6 connectivity:

Section 7
ping6 -c2 2001:858:2:2:aabb:0:563b:1526 && ping6 -c2 2620:13:4000:6000::1000:118 && ping6 -c2 2001:67c:289c::9 && ping6 -c2 2001:678:558:1000::244 && ping6 -c2 2607:8500:154::3 && ping6 -c2 2001:638:a000:4140::ffff:189 && echo OK.

All IPs were reachable except this one already mentioned: 2607:8500:154::3

Everywhere on various servers under different ISPs returned me the same error. Destination unreachable, Address unreachable.

Do you experience the same error?

Please give it a look if the IP is reachable for you and get back to me! I’m confused if it’s an error only on my side or if the Tor directory authority is really down.

Can you check if the ip address is reachable from another server?

Are you sure the port is not blocked by a firewall?

You can use nmap to see if the port is open and accessible:
nmap -6 2607:8500:154::3 -p PORT

2607:8500:154::3 is not a Tor Authority and is not assigned to any server. You can find the current list of IPV6 addresses for Tor Authorities below:

there is no authority with that IPv6 anymore: needs modification…

atari via Tor Project Forum:

there is no authority with that IPv6 anymore:
Relay Search

Tor Project | Relay Post-install and good practices needs modification…

Right. That’s Faravahar’s IPv6 address and that directory authority is
gone. I’ve created a ticket to update the community documentation:

Thanks for the report.