Deny that my server can become guard node


I’m running 2 tor relay with just 1vCore and 1GB RAM, it works fine and rather stable until ~10MB/s. But after some days I got the guard flag and my relay is constantly crashing, not the server itself, but I think the tor “program”. It crashes every 2h for a few seconds and then it runs again. I already tried to limit the traffic to 4MB/s but still the same problem.

Therefore, I would like to try to just be a middle node and see if the server is stable again. But I couldn’t find any tutorial how to disable that my server becomes a guard node.

Does anyone know how to deny my server to get a guard node?

This has been discussed previously, although I’m not completely sure that solution is intended for non-Dir relays.

From torrc man page:

The following options are useful only for directory servers.


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Could you share your tor logs when your relay crashed?

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