Debian snowflake-proxy website install instructions

Hi all

I used the website instructions (Tor Project | Debian) to install snowflake-proxy on a Debian instance.

However the version available in the apt repository is 2.5.1.

Should the instructions be temporarily modified to say that the package is out of date and that snowflake-proxy should be compiled from source?

Happy to do this if pointed in the right direction.

NB snowflake-proxy can of course be compiled from source on a Debian 12 instance but requires a later golang version from Debian Backports


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Hello, this is from the latest relay operator meetup:

Q: when will the snowflake debian package gets updated?

A: If somebody here wants to pick up the debian packaging work for this, please step up! Otherwise it will be an unknown amount of time still.

Other answer: I think the version of Snowflake in Debian is still worth running – it doesn’t have major security, censorship, performance issues.

Devs just don’t have enough time to update it, it is recommended to use the docker version or to build from source. AFAIK it wont be abandoned, but it will take time to update.

EDIT: The docker image is 2 versions behind at this moment, I guess the best option is to build from source.


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