Debian and Snowflake

I installed the Tor package on Debian, how can I use the snowflake bridge?

Thank you.

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@hack3rcon are you first time user of Tor? or have already used?

It’s in the documentation

Why? I found these guidances, but I don’t know are they OK or are not!

I used this setup guide successfully on LMDE-6 (Debian-based Mint):

Only additional step was the apparmor thing mentioned in one of the OP’s links:

… /usr/local/bin/snowflake-client Pix,

Adjust as needed and run ‘systemctl restart apparmor’ . Note that apparmor parses the /etc/tor/torrc file and will prevent running snowflake-client if it finds something it doesn’t like; in my case it was trying to log to /tmp/snowflake-client.log for testing purposes…

I found the onion-circuits pkg useful for watching for circuit construction (or lack of) whenever you run ‘systemctl restart tor’ . Need to add yourself to the debian-tor group, enable “ControlPort 9051” and “CookieAuthentication 1” in /etc/tor/torrc , and reboot.

Curiously the various settings – stun, front, ice – suggested in the …/src/snowflake/client/ failed to work for me during my testing.

Did you replace brew with the apt command?

Scroll down further to the Run snowflake-client on Linux section. I didn’t actually install snowflake-client via apt(8) as I’m running the standalone snowflake-proxy and the source includes all the other snowflake components like the snowflake-client and are probably more recent versions.