Debian 12 bookworm - zstd warning


I started migrating my relays from Debian 11 to Debian 12 (those interested; and have noticed that my servers are producing warnings that weren’t happening before. Note that I’m fully up-to-date with all packages and I’m also using the bookworm source for the official Tor repo.

Is this something that is known? Something I can fix myself, without compiling (don’t think so)? Does this affect my relay performance?

This is not what I’d expect running the latest official packages on Debian 12. Perhaps Tor is compiling the releases incorrectly.

I’ll let the relay run for some time, to monitor behaviour before further proceeding migrating.

[WARN] Tor was compiled with zstd 1.5.2, but is running with zstd 1.5.4. For safety, we’ll avoid using advanced zstd functionality.

Saw no serious performance loss or otherwise odd things. Migrated all my servers in batches and all went fine.

This ticket is about the warn you see.
TLDR: this should probably not be a WARN, and only means tor won’t be as good at guessing how much memory zstd will use to decompress stuff.


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