Death threats: how to hide tor more effectively?

I’m in Israel, a political activist, it’s an evil government, and my threat model is the NSA.Our government claims to have the means to recognize if a vpn is followed by a tor, I’m guessing it could be based on traffic characteristics or frequency.Currently I am using obfs4 and in the future I plan to obfuscate by adding multiple vpn’s in front of the tor.Could you please tell me which one hides the fact of using tor better, wireguard encapsulated inside tcp or openvpn with obfs4?Also, I can’t chat privately with people, public posting is very threatening to me, I’d like to chat privately with the admins of the community if possible.

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I am not an expert

According to this random Github article IAT=1/2, “Tor is in its most highly obfuscated configuration.”

However, Philipp Winter says that it is a dubious and poorly understood privacy gain.

A Iranian user reports that IAT=1/2 helps them connect.

Enabling it (or not) is up to you.

You don’t state if this is the case, so I’d start by recommending you read the official Tor Project documentation regarding the use of VPN(s) & Tor because this may help to guide you in your technical decision making process,


Ultimately, only you can be responsible for managing & mitigating your perceived or actual threat model.
With all due respect if the NSA really is, realistically, your actual threat model, rather than your perceived threat model, if you believe or know for a fact that they’re targeting you as an individual whether you’re online or offline, any mitigations are most likely already, or soon will be, rendered null & void.


What was strange to me was why Tor does not have any servers in Israel. Israel claims freedom, but it is more repressive than other governments.
I had asked the same question before, but unfortunately internet censorship devices easily identify and block the Tor.

Tor relay search shows that there are 14 Tor nodes currently operating in Israel.

Not a lot of available datacenters that allow it and are somewhat priced ok. Connection to the rest of the world is also meh. I’ve looked at it before and only found very few options. Currently experimenting with nodes in Israel, will see where it goes.