Dark Theme & RFP

If I understand well RFP forces light theme within websites, meaning that if I set dark theme in tor browser, the website will stay in light theme. My question is, can I use the dark theme of Tor without leaking any info or fingerprint ?

Yes. The chrome theme will not be leaked to web content (if it does that’s a bug). RFP explicitly bypass system the following

  • following the built in dark or light theme
  • following system theme
  • following prefs such as ui.systemUsesDarkTheme (hidden pref: 0=light, 1=dark)
  • web-content prefers-color-scheme overrides layout.css.prefers-color-scheme.content-override which will be in Tor Browser’s ESR102
  • everything else you can think of

So even colored theme like Firefox won’t work. That’s really cool, thanks for the answer.

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