Custom settings in Noscript

Three issues/questions:

  1. Per-site Permissions
    It has been written in the past, that permanently blocking or allowing a website in NoScript can help identify you.

Is that still the case?
And also, why does TorBrowser not block certain sites by default for all users?

E.g.: No one needs google-analytics and similar sites. They don’t provide any functionality, and thus could be safely blocked by default on all security levels.

  1. Sanitize cross-site suspicious request
    TorBrowser/NoScript is able to remember the choices made, and block requests from certain websites across browsing sessions.

Is it safe to save these decisions, without becoming unique among Tor users?

  1. Cross-tab identity leak
    This new feature is “experimental”(=broken) as hell.

Can I disable this, without becoming unique?

From what I read, this just seems to protect against an active/directed attack against a chosen individual.
While at the same time, it’s breaks regular browsing. And over time, it actually massively bloats memory usage and sometimes even crashes my device.
So I feel like I can afford to disable it.