Cryptography used by Onion Services

i just want 2 ask, what kind of encryption tor connection uses.
What i found out:
v2 onion connections used the rma encryption
with the new v3 encryption, following is used to secure the connection:
SHA3, ECDHE, withed25519 and curve25519

R these information correct?
thx for help

Please refer to this article on our Support Portal: Tell me about all the keys Tor uses | Tor Project | Support
From the article…

Encryption : first, all connections in Tor use TLS link encryption, so observers can’t look inside to see which circuit a given cell is intended for. Further, the Tor client establishes an ephemeral encryption key with each relay in the circuit; these extra layers of encryption mean that only the exit relay can read the cells. Both sides discard the circuit key when the circuit ends, so logging traffic and then breaking into the relay to discover the key won’t work.

v3 uses SHA3/ed25519/curve25519, yes. (ref. rend-spec-v3.txt - torspec - Tor's protocol specifications)