Could not install tor because of libevent

I had very bad experience reinstalling tor because of libevent and I would like to share my experience.

Tor stopped working because of v2 addresses. I unistalled it. When reinstalling, it could not find installation candidate for Ubuntu Bionic until I enabled universe repository. Then it installed, but did not start hidden service. When starting tor manually, it was still complaining about missing libevent. No guide on the net helped, reinstalling libevent always installed newer version than tor was looking for.

I had to solve things in the strange way. It looks like when I uninstalled tor v2 the got wiped out. Probably by my other actions. When I reinstalled tor and I was trying to reinstall libevent, other versions were installed, like, but tor was still complaining about missing Fortunately I found it in old backup and I just copied it to /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/. The tor from the command line started to work, but it did not work as a service. I think I fixed that by changing owner of hidden_service directory to debian-tor. Then service started to work after I restarted computer. Hope this will help someone, it took me four evenings to fix.

Two thoughts:

(A) If you want a proper Tor package for your Ubuntu, you very likely will need to use the package repository at
Why and how I can enable Tor Package Repository in Debian? | Tor Project | Support
That’s because the Ubuntu repositories typically ship old and dangerous versions of Tor.

Looking at Ubuntu – Details of package tor in bionic it seems that it ships Tor, which is from early 2018 and is way way way out of date.

(B) It sounds like you are trying to still run a v2 onion service? Those are now thoroughly deprecated too:
and it is expected that they won’t work reliably in the current Tor network, even if you run an obsolete version of Tor to try to keep yours going.

Hope these thoughts help – in short you are trying to do unwise things so it’s not surprising that your Ubuntu didn’t make it easy.

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