Connection failure with Orbot


I already sent this message to but I don’t know if there is someone. So I post also here :

  • Since the 2 last updates of Orbot, the VPN does not work. The connexion is charging and never goes to the end. The key finally appears, the network looks like everything is ok but all the connections are blocked (no application works).

With the versions of before, there were already some problems of connexions : sometimes the VPN deactivated itself (the key disappears, the user had to look and reactivate manually).

Sometimes the VPN blocked (like with the current version : there is network and the key, but all the communications are blocked). The user had to relaunch manually.

Thank you for your help.

I use Honor 9 lite with Android, the last version of orbot. Standard configuration (as installed).


I also cannot complete install of orbot, or of tor browser. Download sites say enable jscript even though it is on. Use of tor very limited or not at all. Some of tor page printed in korean, I don’t know that language. I need browser for research. Not an expert.

Eco200, new member

We’ve got a new version of Orbot out for testing, with many improvements focused on the VPN code


Orbot now appears 2b completely installed, don’t know how that happened, Version16.5.2

Now if Tor Browser could also finish installing itself minus the korean language i didn’t ask for – maybe some other program interfered w/the process? Note: at time of “installing” message appeared on site: enable javascript; and i saw that js WAS ON. It’s somewhat functional if i don’t need the korean labels, and continually requires reloading.

Noone replied to my only other post.



I’m using Orbot 16.6.0-RC-4-tor. (Tor on e_FP3-userdebug 10 QQ3A.200805.001 eng.root.20220228.083402dev-keys,stable-release.

Before the last update I experienced failing connections (stuck in bootstrap) which seemed to come back yesterday.
I checked the log and found that Orbot had no known bridges.
So, I disabled bridges, and guess what: Its working flawlessly again.

As I am new to smartphones and by far no expert I try to understand what the problem was/is.
Any hints?