Connecting an Application to the Internet via the Tor Proxy Server

An application which I use has the option to specify manual proxy configuration for access to the Internet. I have entered the following figures, but the application is not able to connect to the Internet via a proxy server. Does anyone know what figures have to be entered?

Tor provides a SOCKS proxy. What you’re configuring there is an HTTP proxy – not the same thing, and it won’t work. Your application would need to support SOCKS proxies, or you’d need some way of wrapping the application to use a SOCKS proxy, and therefore, Tor.


Thank you for the explanation. Can you give some examples of working HTTP proxies which I can use with my application?

I have tried using some of the addresses listed in the following link, but none of them worked:

Maybe have a look at this one:

Or Privoxy if you are on windows [instructions]

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It will not work with an HTTP proxy.

Again, Tor provides a SOCKS proxy, so your application needs to support SOCKS.


If Tor does not support this type, then some other server should be specified.
I have tried various figures, but proxy connection was not established. Can you give some figures which are valid and which should be entered in the application’s settings?