Configuring the Tor Browser to prevent Tor over Tor

I’m setting up Tor for my entire system, so I need to disable Tor in the Tor-browser, but I haven’t been able to get the settings I need. Was able to find this page, but none of the tips worked for me. What settings should I change? I am using Tor Browser 11.0.3.

In fact, this method does work very well, but it is very easy to misuse it with wrong formatting. Just try to fill out the lines more carefully, do not forget “//” in the first line of autoconfig.js, and don’t mess with the file extensions.

Hi @Last , I have been struggling with this as well.
In the end it was as simple as @COB wrote.

I have uploaded the two configs, maybe it helps you. You just have to remove the .txt extension.

autoconfig.js.txt (128 Bytes)
firefox.cfg.txt (352 Bytes)

Hi, Hmm, should the Tor-browser open regular sites with these settings? Or should I now specify a SocksPort for Tor-browser in /etc/tor/torrc to use stream isolation?

How did you set up your system? I did it similar to this older article TransparentProxy · Wiki · Legacy / Trac · GitLab.

Otherwise SOCKSPort 9050 should help

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My settings are similar to the documentation, but I wanted to make sure that the Tor network in the browser is really turned off… This would be a confirmation that I wouldn’t get the Tor over Tor scenario. In any case, everything worked after turning on the tor.service.

Thank you very much for your help!