.com and onion After connecting to the tor network, the detailed differences between accessing ordinary domain names and accessing onion,

Hi guys, after I connect to tor, is there any specific difference between visiting https:xxxx.com and visiting xxxx.onion?

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Those are different.

The real address must be Http://bla…blad.onion/etc

Https://bla…blad.onion.com/etc is a clearnet site that forwards in the best case to the real onion page. Be careful with those and better don’t go there.


Hi @zed8
" Tor works by sending your traffic through three random servers (also known as relays) in the Tor network. The last relay in the circuit (the “exit relay”) then sends the traffic out onto the public Internet."

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With Onion Services,
“As the first step in the protocol, the Onion Service will contact a bunch of Tor relays and ask them to act as its introduction points by establishing long-term circuits to them. These circuits are anonymized circuits, so the server does not reveal the service location to the introduction points.
The Onion Service will hide and protect itself behind the Tor network by only allowing access through three introduction points that it connects to through a three-hop Tor circuit.”

This link provides some helpful further explanation of how Tor Onion Services function,

Et voilà!


thank you my friend that’s what i want :grinning:ONION SERVICES | Tor Project | Tor Browser Manual

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Thank you for your answer, although we are not talking about the same thing!!

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