Color settings in Tor 11.0.14

I installed Tor 11.0.14 en(us) version on my Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. Because of my bad eyes I use high contrast theme on my computer with yellow text on black background. In Tor browser I immediately went to Settings > Colors and set Text to yellow, Background to black, checked Use system colors and selected Always. The same setting I use successfully in Firefox. But in Tor browser nothing happened.
If there is Use system colors checked or unckecked, if there is selected Always or Never, displayed pages don’t change their backgroud nor text colors. Only menus and Settings tab display their colors according to selected Windows theme (text and background colors). Displayed internet pages ignore any color settings made in Tor browser Settings tab.This is completely different behaviour from original Firefox browser.
What is the problem here?

Hi @NewUser! Thanks for reporting this. I have filed a ticket on our bug tracker: Tor Browser doesn't respect user set changes to Colors and Appearance (#41026) · Issues · The Tor Project / Applications / Tor Browser · GitLab

As a note, we generally don’t recommend changing any of these default settings because of browser fingerprinting but this does looks like a accessibility issue and users should be able to change it if they choose to.


prefers-contrast will be available in TB12 (based on ESR102) and this is not affected by RFP as it is an accessibility feature

Displayed internet pages ignore any color settings made in Tor browser

This, same as prefers-color-scheme (dark/light) is not a universal solution. Websites are under no obligation to serve colors you request, they do what they like

If you want a dark theme for your chrome, then do that, there is nothing stopping you