Collect the number of unique clients for bridges

Hello bridge operators :wave:

I found a great monitoring tool for Tor and all servers some time ago : How can I keep track of my node's traffic? - #9 by Superpaul209

Im still using this tool called Netdata which works great for monitoring the tor traffic in real time and monitor the server resources.

I wanted to know if you know how to get the number of unique clients every 6 hours. We could improve the tor chart on netdata by providing the number of clients and a bunch of other statistics given by the MetricsPort.

The chart is written in Python on their official github : netdata/ at master · netdata/netdata · GitHub

Is there an information in the MetricsPort that gives the number of unique clients accurately ? I refer to the “I have seen x unique clients” info message in nyx.

Thanks for your help