Closing Tor Browser on android stops Orbot as well

After quitting the Browser (not just closing it) Orbot loses its connection and can’t be started/reconnected without also quitting it (I use Orbot as a ‘VPN’ for some of my apps).

To reproduce:

  • Start and connect Orbot
  • Start and connect Tor Browser
  • Quit Tor Browser
  • Check Orbot

I run it on LineageOS 19.1 Tor Browser and Orbot are in the stable version on my Xiaomi mi 10 t pro 5G.
All apps were installed via play store.

It sounds like you are trying to run Orbot and TBA at the same time which clashes as your asking Orbot to maintain a connection and then adding another instance of Tor on top of it. Its best to shut off Orbot and use TBA by itself for browsing and then shut off TBA and start Orbot when you want apps to go through Tor.

Yeah that observation is correct.
I thought both apps can work side by side. I do it like you advised.
Which is not a big problem because I use TBA only for privacy in an average way.

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On Orbot, you can tap and select which apps you will route over Tor. Have you tried removing TBA from it?

Yes, I only selected a few low bandwith apps to create a little bit of cover-traffic like my messenger-apps and such. And TBA is not in the list at all … never realized that before.

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