Circuit display icon-button missing in Tor Browser 12.5

After updating, the new circuit display icon is missing (and there is no more circuit info in the site information panel - padlock icon). I looked for the new icon in the “Customize toolbar” menu (I have a customized toolbar), but didn’t find it. The “new circuit for this site” icon works ok as usual.

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That’s strange @ctorc. What platform are you using? If you’ve made any modifications to Tor Browser, can you reproduce the bug in a fresh installation too?

The new icon isn’t part of the toolbar, so it’s expected that you can’t add it that way. However it should appear automatically to the left of the address bar whenever you visit a site.

I’m on Linux. Can’t test a fresh installation right now; my installation is a very old one, I’ve always done online updates with no problems until this one.
I tried restoring the toolbar to the default one, disabling a couple of add-ons, restarting multiple times, but still no circuit icon.
I can’t see any meaningful message in the browser console, can you suggest other debugging tools?
I surely have modified some settings in about:config, but I can’t think of any relevant ones that could prevent the circuit icon from appearing, can you suggest any? Or is there a way to backup my current about:config settings, test resetting to the default values, and go back to my settings after the test?

Just a quick note to say I’ve split this into a new topic for the attention of the user support team, but this might be easier to debug with the devs directly on Gitlab.

Gaba has just replied to your other post here so we can get you set up on Gitlab: bug tracker account approval

Thanks @ctorc!

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Ok, I’ve opened an issue for this.

Closing this topic as the issue was fixed by the op.