Chromebook for Tails

I am looking for a chromebook to run Tails.

My prerequisites would be
.)coreboot image available from mrchromebox
.)bright matte screen for outdoor use
.)available in EU with German keyboard layout

a backlit keyboard would be nice
and ofc it should work with tails without graphics or suspend issues.

Currently have an Acer c720 with 2GB ram which works but is barely usable due to low memory and the screen is heinously dark.

So far the only device meeting all criteria I found would be Lenovo IdeaPad 5 but it has Tiger Lake CPU architecture which is fairly new and the big question is whether it would work with tails. There is already one report about problems with the integrated Intel iris xe graphics here on the forum.

And yes I know something like Purism Librem14 would be possible but it is way too expensive and overkill for just running tails, this should be a rather simple device. I would be satisfied with an older model but a brick like the old ThinkPads is also out of the question.
There must be a middle ground.

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