Change Circuit on Mobile

Is there any way to change the Tor circuit on mobile?

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Hi @chris,

On Android,

“When Tor Browser is running, you would see so in your device’s notification panel after expanding it along with the button “NEW IDENTITY”. Tapping on this button will provide you with a new identity.”

For further reference check Managing Identities>New Identity at


This doesn’t actually do anything, if you go to My IP Address, DNS Leak Test, WebRTC Leak Test, IPv6 Leak Test, HTTP Headers, IP Whois - BrowserLeaks and look at the IP, then press new identity, then refresh the page, it remains the same

There are some sites which seem to not proper refresh.
The page seems to work fine.
When you change the circuit via the notification panel it can take up to a few seconds until the new circuit is established and the page might show you the old IP until the circuit is established.

Afallback solution could be to user torbot as a vpn-app for a non-tor-browser.