Can't log into any accounts -- cookies disabled error

Tor noob…

Running Windows 8.1 on Toshiba laptop.
Tor Browser version 11.5.8

Can’t log into any accounts whatsoever, including creating Tor Forum account so I’m operating from phone only. Even though I’ve whitelisted websites under cookies exemptions, I always get error message saying I have cookies disabled.

I’ve done all other troubleshooting steps I can find online:

Disabled the only extension which is no script.
Set security to lowest standard which I understand enables JavaScript.
I “forgot” history of websites and deleted all cookies and cache multiple times, and deleted possible corrupt cookies files on my computer to start clean.

Can’t find anything else in settings to change to enable cookies.

Been tearing my hair out for 2 days on this. The only other thing I can think of is possibly due to Windows 8.1 EOL and since Tor runs on Firefox platform and Firefox no longer works on 8.1, perhaps that’s it? But I am still able to browse websites.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Edit: even though I can browse, websites seem excruciatingly slow. I don’t know if this is my computer RAM In general, or the same cookies issue. I have about 93 tabs open. (Does Tor have issue with multiple tabs?)

P.S. I migrated to Tor after Windows 8.1 EOL because chrome, edge, firefox, brave, and opera all went Belly Up with the eol. Tor seemed like my last hope that was still operable but seems problematic for normal use both by Design and possibly because of its Association with Firefox on Win 8.1? Does anyone know of an alternate safe browser I can use on 8.1 until I’m able to upgrade which won’t be for about a month? I don’t need Tor’s level of privacy, just a regular safe browser. Thanks so much!

Forgot to mention info that may provide a clue:
I’m connected to the internet through Windows default firewall.
Running Avast AV.

I see in Tor Advanced connection settings there is a checkbox for stating the computer goes through a firewall that only allows connections to certain ports. I do not have that box checked or ports defined. I didn’t know if I should mess with that setting or not.
When I do a connections test in the settings, it always says I’m offline even when I’m not. I can still access websites though they seem to be hobbled. It doesn’t seem to make a difference whether or not I’m connected to the Tor Network. Wondering if this whole issue could possibly have something to do with my firewall and the firewall settings…??

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!