Can't access onion site

Hi there, I’m having a problem accessing Dread.

For multiple days I’ve tried to access Dread (from both links on TorTaxi) and I’ve been placed in the queue for multiple hours to no avail. Tried accessing Dread for several days in a row, and this keeps happening. Have tried changing my identity on Tor, and have double checked my computer time, still has not worked.

What am I doing wrong? Should I try using TOR using a VPN? Most other onion links have loaded for the most part, Dread for some reason places me in the queue for 2-3 hours and still, nothing happens.

Please let me know what I should try to make Dread work, or what I’m doing wrong. Open to question! Thanks.

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For help with a specific onion site, I’d recommend to reach out to the onion site operator directly.

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