Cannot install Tor from Tor Package Repository in Debian

So I want to install latest Tor (standalone not browser) into my Ubuntu jammy but following the instruction by this link when I run this command

# wget -qO- | gpg --dearmor | tee /usr/share/keyrings/tor-archive-keyring.gpg >/dev/null

I get error “gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found” !

What can I do about this error? Is there another way to add this gpg key?

Are you running that command as root?

That # is hinting OP is indeed running that chain as root. Although it might just be a copy-paste from the support site.

I’d simply go with Fedora and set up dnf-automatic, as the Tor package is kept up to date there.

Yes I get this error with root mode

Well I cannot easily move to Fedora so I prefer to find a way to resolve this problem. For now I just add trusted=yes into my repository to skip checking of gpg.

Can you visit this URL with your regular browser without Tor/VPN/proxy? Or is blocked in your Internet provider?

Any URL related to torproject is blocked in my country but I use proxychains in my terminal to pass the censorship. This is not the matter. I saw this kind of error from other guys that their internet provider dosent block tor urls.

Can you run this command and see the output?

wget -qO-

it returns lots of symbolic characters like "ط�s��z��P]������Ƹ�&S
�’���B ��m݉"�q��b����4�e���P��h�2�Xy��C�{�P
�p��<����Sp��K�c�(�NM��0�R7�$'7"o�{������:в��8�cٳ�þs�xT�+��5N’��s��-8y��r�`����Dx�nuoİ� ��_n�q&/o��L�A��R�B�/n��o�_ �i���氁���A���(ջ��HY�1��K��z/hc|�ʓ$�_yQg�k~O$jB��#�,2<�+��’�8Ҥ3p�y~�Nѹ