Can (standalone) Snowflake proxy be configured or enhanced to bind to a specific IP / NIC?

hi team,

I have two ISPs with 2 different external IP addresses behind two different (NAT) gateways. The standalone snowflake proxy seems to bind based on the routing metrics . I would like to run two snowflakes on the same device that has 2 different internal + external IPs (the jargon is multi-homed)
at the same time. Can the code be enhanced to make this possible? With many other projects like squid or polipo (and even main tor…) you can specify something like ‘outbound ip address’ or similar. I can tell you once becoming multi-homed you learn a lot about IP routing and the limitations of some projects to choose the outgoing network.

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Interesting question.
Are you sure that snowflake use only single address?
I see UDP ports open on lots of interfaces on my PC.

Yes, it looks like it, using nload and graphs on the router make it pretty clear that the proxy uses the interface with the lowest metric.

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Hi! We have an open issue for this: standalone snowflake operators want a way to bind a specific outbound address (#40108) · Issues · The Tor Project / Anti-censorship / Pluggable Transports / Snowflake · GitLab

We’re planning on moving forward with it and it’s currently assigned to someone.