Can i use instead of

My country’s Internet Firewall has blocked the YouTube domain. Can I access YouTube using the domain instead of the domain?

Note that for some reason I do not want to use any VPN with any protocol to access.
Some DOH servers or DOT servers can provide access to the YouTube site, but if these servers are blocked by the firewall, my access will be lost.

I do not know exact answer to your question.
But it looks like your problem is not very serious.
DoH is the most proper way of solving it.
In case of DoH ban, it is possible to just write domain and IP pair in c:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file.
Considering YouTube popularity, it will be not hard to find its IPs.

I am a very beginner. What do you mean by write domain and IP pair? Is this a way to bypass DOH censorship?

hosts file is used by Windows to resolve domain names even without available DNS server.
So if you add to this file, this IP address will be used to access no matter what your DNS server responses will be.
After editing this file you will need to restart program, which you use to access website (browser).

More info is at Wikipedia article:

if firewall block all ip of like my access will be lost?

Yes, modification of hosts helps only with DNS (DoH) problems.