Can I somehow raise funds from tor bridge?

Hi, I would like to ask if there is any way to make money on tor bridge. I would like to have at least some money so I can run another bridge. Any advice on how to make money? well thank you

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The whole point of running a bridge, a middle node, and exit node, is that you are donating your resources to help others. There’s no money to be made from that. I mean, I guess you could charge a fee to anyone wanting to use your bridge, but that’s a pretty bad idea since there are dozens if not hundreds of free ones already.

Here’s another idea, get good at some aspect of Tor and make paid courses like on Udemy. Maybe you could make enough money back to pay for your internet service. If you want to make money, provide a product or a service that people will want to spend money on.

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And how can that service be done, I’m just asking if I like to contribute to the tor, I just need to make some money as I want to build some 30 more bridges.

I made the example of creating a course and selling it. I can’t tell you what you’re good at. Maybe reading a book on entrepreneurship and how to come up with a business plan would be helpful.

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Add into relay contact some text with donate me with crypto blabhblah, but cmon…

Hello, here’s a cool idea from Frënn vun der Ënn A.S.B.L.people: Frënn vun der Ënn - Bridge Program

Fight censorship! Our bridge program allows you to support the Tor network by adopting a Tor bridge.

Rather than making a single donation, you can now fund a Tor bridge on your own. Bridges are an important element in the Tor network because they allow people to use the network even if the direct acces to its entry-nodes is blocked in their country. This is mainly the case for people living under oppressive regimes. Read more about Tor bridges

With a recurring contribution of 3 EUR/month (duration min. 12 months) you can help us keep such a bridge up and running. The servers for this project are located in Luxembourg.

As a partner in our project you can choose the nickname of your bridge and follow it on Ënnstatus, our self-made information-panel.


Just an ideia…
I had already once proposed adoption of the decentralized autonomous organization concept (DAO) to the Tor community.
And after that and if the community give a favorable vote, the development of a token model and with it not also compensates the collaborators but also get a way to develop the ecosystem in a sustainable way.

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It would be good if I got something for some 1GB, as the server only runs for 3 days and there is already a 500GB round.