Can detect tor load?

I’m using tor as a client only. Can I detect load of tor without OS’s CPU load monitor? For example, can I check load of tor from its control port?

My tor uses almost 100% of my CPU when I simultaneously:

  • connect to over 1000 remote hosts with HTTP via a single instance of the tor
  • use over 30 circuits of a single instance of the tor: e.g. using tor’s isolation feature

So I have to execute many tor instances enough to prevent them from using almost 100% of my CPU. But this causes that a few of the instances use almost 80% of my CPU but other instances don’t. I want all of them to use my CPU equally: e.g. all using 40%. So I want to detect the loads of my tor instances to avoid using higher loaded ones. Any idea?

Solved: I can detect the load by “getinfo stream-status” via tor’s control port. I needed to check the number of connections which each tor instance has before opening connections.