Can connect to my bridge, but metrics shows always offline


I premise that I am a total beginner: recently I configured my pc with Ubuntu to run an obfs4 bridge and a webtunnel, tested my configuration with Tor Browser alpha and verified that can connect to both.

If I check my relay status it shows me:

  • vanilla: dysfunctional
    Error: We got an ECONNREFUSED while connecting to the target OR.
    Last tested: 2023-09-09 17:36:28.359466685 +0000 UTC (5h13m24.633348588s ago)

  • obfs4: functional
    Last tested: 2023-09-09 18:59:40.26628866 +0000 UTC (3h50m12.727913456s ago)

  • webtunnel: functional
    Last tested: 2023-09-09 11:27:16.156265854 +0000 UTC (11h22m36.837963264s ago)

If I check on it looks as always offline.

On the Tor logs on my machine there is only a warning “The IPv4 ORPort address does not match the descriptor address”, but beside that there is nothing relevant.

My questions are: what does it mean “vanilla: dysfunctional”? Why my relay is shown offline while I can connect to it? There may be some error in my configuration?

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I almost sure it’s just a problem with Metrics.
I advise you to look at actual usage of the bridge - how many users it serve and if numbers are reasonable, then no need to worry about anything else.

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vanilla: dysfunctional - don’t worry about this - it will fade away after some days - it’s from the time you were configuring your bridge and it published some now outdated information.

in metrics it will take some time until this descriptor will fade out too.

a webtunnel only bridge will most likely show as offline (at least mine does so) - guess this was not properly implemented in metrics yet.

because you have a obfs4 running it might show up as online at some time - but guess you have to wait.

if it is a good idea to run a webtunnel and obfs4 bridge on the same IP in general - i do not know at the moment - but someone else might have an idea…

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Thank you for replying, so I assume everything is working fine.

About running a webtunnel and obfs4 bridge on the same IP, Wouldn’t you suggest it right?

you are welcome! yes, guess so.

probably it is fine to have a webtunnel and an obfs4 bridge on the same IP for a while - especially because webtunnel needs testing and adaption now - but you should keep in mind a censor has a double chance to discover and block both, thus you should watch if you have a sudden decline in usage and then consider changing the IP and your double setup