C# and connecting via tor.exe

Hello. I am trying to do a GET request to my tor server. Via tor.exe, my tor.exe arguments are these:
$"--HTTPTunnelPort 13371 __OwningControllerProcess {Process.GetCurrentProcess().Id}";
And my code to connect:

Process.Start("tor.exe", "--HTTPTunnelPort 9124");
WebProxy TorProxy = new WebProxy("localhost:9124");
HttpClientHandler Http = new HttpClientHandler()
Proxy = TorProxy,
UseProxy = true
HttpClient Client = new HttpClient(Http);
HttpResponseMessage Response = await Client.GetAsync("mytorlink)");
string respons = await Response.Content.ReadAsStringAsync();

but the ‘respons’ only contains this:

"<html>\n<head>\n<title>This is an HTTP CONNECT tunnel, not a full HTTP Proxy</title>\n</head>\n<body>\n<h1>This is an HTTP CONNECT tunnel, not an HTTP proxy.</h1>\n<p>\nIt appears you have configured your web browser to use this Tor port as\nan HTTP proxy.\n</p><p>\nThis is not correct: This port is configured as a CONNECT tunnel, not\nan HTTP proxy. Please configure your client accordingly.  You can also\nuse HTTPS; then the client should automatically use HTTP CONNECT.</p>\n<p>\nSee <a href=\"https://www.torproject.org/documentation.html\">https://www.torproject.org/documentation.html</a> for more information.\n</p>\n</body>\n</html>\n"

My question is how will I make this to work?

Hello, I just tried SocksSharp, it just doesnt work.

The WebProxy class does not support SOCKS4/SOCKS5 and HTTP/CONNECT, so it is not suitable for working through TOR because TOR only supports these types of proxies. You’ll have to use other libraries or classes.

Yes! I figured out the problem some hours ago before your respond. But most of the libraries i tried didn’t work. The code here looks like 2 single classes. Will that work tho?