test results a concern?

Recently came across BrowserAudit and ran the browser audit on the latest Tor browser and it flagged as Critical the bits shown below. There were also 32 items flagged Warning. Curious whether the Tor Browser developers think this is a concern?

Ref link to full test results :

Same-Origin Policy
DOM access
  DOM access - parent https://brow..., child https://test.brow... - parent accessing child
    Allow:  parent: document.domain = "brow...", child: document.domain = "brow..."  [X] 
    Allow:  parent: document.domain = "brow...", child: document.domain = "brow..."  [X]

I would worry more about successful access to something it shouldn’t have access to, than failed access to something they think it should have.

And if they still use the code at GitHub - browseraudit/browseraudit: The server-side and client-side code powering, the tests may be quite outdated.